Truth about Healthy Foods  

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There are many foods that we think healthy but in reality its not one on the list is the diet soda they say 0 calories but this is not true to anybody there are some people who drinks dieat soda weigh more than those people who drink regular. Drinking 2 cups of diet soda in a day would possibly cause obesity. Second one is the Blueberry Muffins (400 calories) and Pretzels which is very calorie dense and low in fiber, one regular bag of this is equivalent to 24 slices of white bread better get the whole wheat or oat brand better go for those. Third is the Spinach wraps they are green but they are not nutritious not really made of spinach and use coloring. Other shocking one is the vitamin water that contains 200 calories just made of added sugar.

List of food that are healthy that have higher calories: Banana (smaller one), White Potatoes, Frozen Vegetable and fruits. Watch this video

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