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We already know, to eat at least three to five servings each of fruits and vegetables. But does it matter how these food make it to your plate?

I usually thinks that fresh fruits and vegetables usually best compared with canned and frozen one. But Fresh food are only good if you eat them soon after picking. Sometimes though, it's not always possible to purchase fruits and vegetable when it's fresh off the farm.

Seasonal changes will also affect which type of produce we purchase, since fresh fruits and vegetables often are quite expensive. If you can't afford to purchase all your fruits and vegetables fresh, try canned and frozen.

I read that, frozen produce is nutritionally comparable to fresh but canned produce does lose some vitamins and minerals during the heating process. However, the canned versions of at least three vegetables are actually higher in healthful phytochemicals than their fresh versions: Corn, carrots, and tomatoes all benefit from the canning process.

One benefit of frozen and canned produce is that they have a longer shelf life, so you can keep them on hand for quick additions to meals.

One thing to remember, if you do purchase canned or frozen food, make sure the label says they contain no added salt and sugars.

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