What Can we get from Red Grapes  

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Yesterday, my husband bought a almost 6lbs of seedless red grapes. We didn't notice that we almost eat half of it while watching TV. But do you think too much of it is not good? There are some Health Benefits of eating grapes.

Grapes contain beneficial compounds called flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that give the vibrant purple color to grapes, grape juice and red wine; the stronger the color, the higher the concentration of flavonoids.

These flavonoid compounds include quercitin, as well as a second flavonoid-type compound (falling into the chemical category of stilbenes)called resveratrol. Both compounds appear to decrease the risk of heart disease by:

* Reducing platelet clumping and harmful blood clots
* Protecting LDL cholesterol from the free radical damage that initiates LDL's artery-damaging actions

Grapes and products made from grapes, such as wine and grape juice, may protect the French from their high-fat diets. Diets high in saturated fats like butter and lard, and lifestyle habits like smoking are risk factors for heart disease. Yet, French people with these habits have a lower risk of heart attack than Americans do. One clue that may help explain this "French paradox" is their frequent consumption of grapes and red wines.

Since then, the possibility that drinking red wine might protect our heart arteries, has made the topic “wine and health” extremely popular. In fact, research has shown that taken in moderation -two 8 ounces glasses for men and 1 glass for women per day, red wine may increase HDL cholesterol, the “good” guy, decrease LDL cholesterol, the “bad” one, prevent oxidation of LDL, and scavenge free radicals.

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