Chemical odor of skin cancer  

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Do you love staying under the heat of the sun? You may prune to skin cancer especially if you have light color skin. Not all sunscreen are effective. Have an extra precaution with your skin to prevent skin cancer in the future.

Doctors have already know that skin cancer carries a particular odor, and recent studies have shown that dogs are able to detect tumors because they smell differently than normal skin.

"Researchers have speculated that tumors give off different odors, but we're the first to identify and quantify the compounds involved in skin cancer odors," said chemist Michelle Gallagher, who conducted the study at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They found "a different profile of chemicals above tumor sites relative to healthy skin; the same chemicals are present, but at skin cancer sites some chemicals are increased, while others are decreased compared to healthy individuals." Read more...

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So if a dog is smelling your butt, it doesn't necessarily mean he's being friendly!

Yeah Mik that might not be a good sign! LOL :D

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