Danger of Low Carb and High Protein Diet  

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For the past 2 months my husband was very concerned in losing weight. After the doctor told him that he needed to lose weight because of his back pain. His doctor advised him to have low carb and high protein diet. I don’t know if this is helpful in the long run. When he checked his weight 2 weeks ago we found out that he losses 10 lbs and we both happy for it.

After reading thefatlossguru.com website I found out that thier diet program is better than Weight watchers. I learned from their website that low carb diet are extremely dangerous. Since it deplete the healthy glycogen stores in your muscles and liver. When you deplete glycogen stores, you will also be dehydrated, this will result a significant drop of your weight in first or two weeks of your diet. Most people interpreted it as fat lose when it is actually cause from dehydration and muscle lose. This is one of the reason why low carb diets are so popular - since there is a quick initial, but deceptive drop in scale weight.

Thefatlossguru.com says that the percentage of people re-gain weight is high with low carb and high protien diet for the reason that you have lost muscle. With that comes a slower metabolism which means fewer calories are burned 24 hours-a-day. A lost of muscle during the process of losing weight is almost a guarantee for re-gaining the lost weight. You will also re-gain the healthy fluid lost because of glycogen depletion. For me this type of diet program is difficult to maintain in a long run.

With the use of Online Diet Generator, burning fat is a lot easier, this is different, new , and so effective way of losing weight. Far better than Jenny Craig Diet program. It’s nice to stay fit for life not just in a short period of time.

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