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It’s been a while that I had my old cell phone and I am planning to buy a new one. I want one with a really good camera, bluetooth, a memory card slot, and preferably with mp3 player. Currently my cell phone provider is Verizon Wireless and I am happy with their service.

What I usually do when I am planning to buy a new cellphone or any gadget is to search the internet for reviews and deals. As I am surfing online I found best t-mobile deals and they have good deals. You can compare prices and availability and had very low prices most of their deals are with free cellphones.

One of their good deal I found in their site is the LG Vu CU915 Black Phone under the service of at&t wireless. It has all the features that I am looking for a cellphone.

While I like the LG VU my husband prefer the LG Rumor Black Phone for Sprint PCS. Because of its small and lightweight.

Visit bestincellphones.com and they have variety of cellphone you can choose from> Aside from what I mention above they have also T-Mobile. You can contact them by email or you can visit their stores to check personally and compare between other phones.

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