Top 5 cities with High Earnings in the US  

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Top 5 cities in the US that earns a living and unemployment rate is below 5.7%. This was reported by They rank Houston, Texas as the number one, the nation's largest economies and a hub of the energy and materials economy, Houston is also one of the country's most affordable cities. Jobs are expected to grow by 2% over the next year and by 2.2% for each of the next five years. Second is Minneapolis, Minn followed by Boston, the biotech sector powers Boston to this position, in part by adding to its tally of top companies, in which the city ranks fourth overall, and sixth per-capita. Forth one is Washington, D.C. it's unlikely that the Federal government will be reduced in size. While that's not a good thing for taxpayers, Federal spending, and the amount of international and domestic dollars seeking to influence it are increasing. Unemployment is at 3.9%, and median salaries are $79,000, the highest in the nation. Last one is New York, N.Y. it's economy is one of the most broadly based in the country. Need proof? Wall Street has been at the focus of our current economic woes related to subprime. Banks have lost billions and mass layoffs have followed, but the metro still maintains an unemployment rate of 5.1%, comfortably below the national average of 5.7%.

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