22-Year-Old Auctions Off Virginity  

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As I am watching "The Insider HD" one of hot topic that shock me and caught my attention was the 22-year-old auctions off her virginity. Natalie said, that she will use the money that she will earn from the auction in her schooling for Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy.

"Shock Jock" Howard Stern drew attention to the case after inviting the 22-year-old Sacramento State graduate, who goes by the pseudonym "Natalie Dylan," onto his radio show after Ebay turned down Dylan's request for a venue to conduct the auction.

Stern's show is famous for pushing the limits of public decency, capitalizing on the absurd and explicit throughout its 30 years on the air. However, after news reports began to circulate saying that Stern was auctioning off the girl's virginity, Stern responded by denying that he himself was doing the auctioning, but that he was simply inviting the girl on his show to explain her decision.

Dylan's mother, a 4th-grade teacher, tried in vain to dissuade her daughter from proceeding with the auction.

For me you don't need to auction your virginity just to get masteral degree. If you really want to get the degree you have many options to get it. You can apply for scholarship or take a Stafford Loan, they offer great deal for Graduate Students.

Readers what you think about this? So in this new age aside from things you can now auction even your own virginity..this is shocking!!! I hope this will not be tolerated.

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my 5 cents worth? getting a scholarship might be hard, so the next best thing for that girl would most be, like what she did, to sell her virginity. Alternatiely, if she's good in her studies, then cinching the scholarship is easy. unless the 'selling virginity" issue is simply to get more money for new clothes and stuffs like that. back in the good old days, girls don;t do that at all, either they worked really hard to get into the school of their choice or they simply had to give up the chance to study at all. somehow, it's quite sad to see girls doing stuffs like that though.

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