Stronger Security against Sypware and Unauthorized Users  

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As an IT professional one of my concerns is to make sure that my system and data are protected from authorized users. With the advent of Windows Vista this is not my problem anymore. This operating system has this feature. It has an advanced data protection technologies that reduces the risk that data on our laptops or on other computers will be viewed by unauthorized users, even if our computer is lost or stolen. I seen in TV that most crackers and hackers get personal information on stolen laptops. This is the biggest thing that we need to consider now days making sure that our data is encrypted and prevent unauthorized users on disk access to our files by using other operating system. Another good feature of Windows Vista that attracts me that you can’t find from other Operating Systems is the parental control feature. This option enables parents to restrict their children on which sites, games, and software to use and not to use. This is what mainly most parents griping for years, right?

We all knew that future office will be increasingly mobile, with technology enabling employees to perform their jobs from virtually anywhere (hotels, airports or coffee shops) one of the concern is how safe the network your using is. Network access protection is another strong feature of Windows Vista, it help prevent security-compromised computers from connecting to a user’s internal network until security criteria are met.

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