Ways to Impress Your Supervisor  

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I found an interesting article that mention on ways how to impress your boss.

First and foremost is your reputation.

If you want the higher-ups to really, really like you, it's not enough to be the top sales representative or the most-productive worker. You want to avoid being perceived as too high-maintenance with vacation or other demands, or a complainer about the company and its policies.

Second, Pay attention with small details.

"Spell-check your spell check," Viscusi says. "I interviewed over 600 bosses for the book, and a lot told me it's the little stuff that sets people apart. It's always being on time, the spell-checking, checking messages, and returning phone calls."

Third, Staying late than your boss

Staying at your desk five minutes after your boss departs for the night creates the impression of your being extra-dedicated to the job.

"It's a trick, but it works," Viscusi says. "Even if you leave two minutes later, your boss is going to think you're there late every single night."

Fourth, Being Direct

"You should be close enough to the boss on a personal level to ask, 'How can I avoid being one of the numbers?'" Viscusi says.

Or if your boss tells you a budget crunch mandates letting someone go -- and for personal or professional reasons you're not ready to leave -- consider offering to take a salary cut as incentive to keep you.

"If they really say no, that means they didn't like you," Viscusi says.

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