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Did you know that you can use your cell phone when you've locked your keys in the car with an automated unlock mechanism, by calling home and having a family member use the duplicate auto-unlock mechanism close to the phone while you hold your cell phone within one foot of your car door. When out of your service area, you can use the worldwide universal emergency number 112 even when the keypad is locked.

Currently, I and my husband have a Verizon cell phones, this gadget is already part of me. Aside from checking if I have the car key and the house before going to work. I will not also forget to check if I have my cell phone in my purse.

Aside from its main use which is to communicate. Features such as music, global positioning satellite (GPS), email, and video messaging were among the best additional features on current cell phones. One of the best deals now a days is the at&t cell phones.

I am now looking for new cell phones, maybe I will try Sprint phones , I hope they have cell phones that have the following features; video surveillance, video projection and video editing.

I heard that you can now buy cellular phones online without the hassle of going to the store with ifreecellphones.com. They offer free brand new cellphone and free shipment for limited time only, ifreecellphones.com have the largest selection of free cell phone, one of this is the Tmobile phones.

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