My Friend Life Changing Story  

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I have a friend that was adopted at five months old for most of her life she been thingking about her birth mother. She believed that the idea of finding her birth mom was a possibility. Just last year when I was still in the Philippines they had located her birth mother. I was witnessed that time since I am with her when she got the phone call about the breaking news. She said that her mom was ambivalent about meeting her. What she did was she wrote her mom very compelling letter. Her mother was convinced after she received her letter. They met last June of 2007. My friend was releived to to see that they had the similar features. They have the same cheekbones, eyes, broad shoulders and nose. One of her biggest fears was that she would look more like my birth father than my birth mother and since she does not know where he is, she wouldn’t find that sense of belonging. After about two hours of translating, gift giving and crying, they went out for an errand and dinner. She said that it was fun because she felt that it’s like a “family” outing. Her travel in Australia was more than just a vacation, since it was a quest to fill in the blanks, and search for her identity. I was very happy for her when she told me about what happened during their first meeting. This was my friend life changing journey that I think worth sharing.
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