Rock City-Georgia Tour  

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Last weekend we went to Rock City Garden. We leave around 8am from the hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee we arrived in the area around 8:30am. When we were already there the first thing that I noticed was the Starbucks near the Corner Stone station. The Trail is so narrow, and the volume of pedestrian traffic is so persistent, that you're propelled forward whether you want to be or not.

Everything is labeled. Needle's Eye and Fat Man Squeeze offer claustrophobic challenges to the supersized. Swing-a-Long Bridge hangs suspended over a deep gorge, and it's fun to bounce up and down as the nervous people behind you look for a way out -- but there is no way out. Lovers Leap and Observation Point lie beyond, and from these unobstructed heights you can supposedly see seven states. Most people can probably see only two, but the lack of landmarks makes the claim at least possible.

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