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It's my second time driving alone in stick shift. I'm used driving automatic car for 5 months. Then last week we decided to sell my car due to the reason that we had lots of problem from it.. After we sold it, I have no choice but to learn how to drive stick shift.

It's so hard for me to drive stick shift. Maybe because I used driving automatic car..The hard part for me is the shifting and the timing of pushing the gas while releasing the clutch.

I think it would be fun if I already use with it. In manual transmission car you really get a sense of man-and-machine symbiosis when you master the manual transmission. And there's nothing like some good heel-toe action.

I used holding the clutch everytime I break. I just found out some myth about driving stick shift from this site.

Myth #1: It's OK to constantly "ride" the clutch.
Whenever the clutch pedal isn't all the way up or all the way down, you're putting wear on your clutch. It's OK to spend a second or two in the process of pressing or releasing the clutch pedal (you certainly don't want to treat it like a light switch), but in general the less time spent in this transitional period the better.

Myth #2: Use the clutch to hold your car in place on steep hills.
If you're stopped on a slight incline you must use the brake to keep the car from rolling backward. If you're worried about rolling back between the time you release the brake pedal and engage the clutch you can "cheat" by pulling the emergency brake. Don't fully apply the E-brake unless you're on a really steep hill.

Myth #3: Use the clutch to save your brakes.
You're better off just pushing the clutch pedal in and leaving it in, and/or shifting to neutral, when slowing down in a manual-shift vehicle — especially if you aren't extremely smooth at downshifting. If you are smooth at downshifting and you feel like going through the trouble, you can constantly downshift and release the clutch as you slow down. But even doing that action smoothly won't make your brakes last appreciably longer.

Myth #4: It's impossible to be perfectly smooth when engaging the clutch.
Always try to learn exactly where the clutch pedal is when the clutch starts to engage.You can do in a parking lot. Once you get to that point quickly you can then modulate the speed at which the pedal is released to achieve a smooth engagement. This is how you can keep from rolling back on an incline without using the E-brake.

Myth #5: It's normal for the car to lurch when downshifting.
When you do downshift (without coming to a complete stop) it's important to "rev-match." This means raising the engine's rpm as you release the clutch to more closely match your vehicle's engine speed to the rear-wheel speed.

Make sure to take good care of your clutch. It may cost you a lot in the end if you will not.

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