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Want to boost your blog with image and make it more attractive? When creating a website one of the most important things to consider is the quality of your image embedded on the site. Poor quality images immediately make your website look unprofessional. Blog Pictures can be improved by Acobox and make your website look much more professional. They collect screens, and hosts quality pictures for bloggers. All images are properly licensed, optimized, and ready use with blogs. For adding a picture to blog post, what blogger needs to do is simply copying and pasting a piece of image code, without downloading, resizing, uploading the image file. It's simple, easy, and free.

Blog Pictures | acobox.comFor example, if you are talking about healthy foods you may embed some image to boost your site and make it more attractive to your readers. The image on the right was taken from Acobox collects, to show how professionally it looks. It’s so easy, simply select photos of your choice in their site then copy and paste the code on your site after you specify the size and the alignment of the photo.

To experience this, visit their site and try the easy steps.

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