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If you are a Large or small companies wanting to communicate offers, benefits or information to existing or new clients and tired of calling tons of people from your purchased leads list trying to get them to take a look at your product offer and yet not getting no response. Try voice broadcasting system.

Voice message broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications. Bulk messages can be sent to customers.
“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed and low-cost advantage of e-mail combining with the warmth of a personal call.”

With that in mind you can see just how cost effective Voice Broadcast is, and unlike Mail shots, Voice broadcasting can give you results the same day it is sent, it’s cost effective and extremely measurable.

When Voice Broadcast messages are left on answering systems, they will receive the entire message on other side with 100% of clarity. As these messages are digitally recorded, it allows the message delivery without any variation. The voice sounds so incredibly real that people are much more receptive to your message. It eliminates the usual resistance people have toward “live tele marketers”.

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