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Stacy D. Phillips mention in one of her blogs the eight ways you can let your mate know you love them without verbalizing it.

1. Stop off on your way home from work: Pick up your sweetheart's favorite "thing."
2. Throw that secret look: Send a smile or smirk that only the two of you understand. No words need to accompany it.
3. Slip a supportive note or affirmation in her purse/his jacket pocket: Though it may be days or weeks before he/she finds and sees it.
4. Demonstrate that you are trying to correct that annoying habit: Make an obvious effort to stop doing it.
5. Send one of those "just because" or "it made me think of you" cards or books: Send one that has a message in it that only the two of you would get -- an affectionate or humorous one -- that reminds them you would not want to belong to anyone else.
6. Do a good deed for your partner: One they know you typically avoid taking on and expect them to do instead.
7. Post your anniversary date in a place where your mate will see it.
8. Extend a gentle touch at least once a day: Not as a request for intimacy, but as a gesture of warmth and respect. A slight and tender stroke across his/her shoulder or a few soft fingertips across the cheek can speak loudly and clearly.

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