Ice Cream Craving  

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If you are an Ice Cream addict but trying to loss weight. Try sugar-free Frozen Yogurt, this could be a perfect substitute for your ice cream cravings.

Once in a while Hubby and I still crave for Ice Cream even it's already winter season here. We stopped buying Ice cream when hubby was advised by his doctor to loss weight and eat healthier foods. So instead of buying ice cream we decided to buy sugar-free Frozen Yogurt as a replacement. Frozen yogurt is mainly better compared with Ice Cream because of the health and digestion benefits of the bacteria in the culture but this depends greatly on the ingredients that are present in the frozen yogurt. Make sure to check first the nutritional facts if you are health conscious.

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hi ness! i have to agree with you, it's yummy and healthy.

btw, you have been awarded. please grab it here.

hi ness, i joined your list. your yogurt ice cream looks so tempting. imma try it one day.

Totally with you! Yogurt ice cream is really good for you! oh I added you as a friend and joining you list! Take care!

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