Second Visit to the Dentist for my Core Build Up  

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Last week, I visit again my dentist to continue the dental work that I had mention to you on my previous post ( root canal ) which was not a fun procedure. This time my dentist had the core build up for my two teeth that were root canalled two weeks ago. Eventhough this two teeth were already dead I can still feel the vibration and pressure on it as they had the core build up, so the dentist decided to numbed me with anesthesia. Basically the picture below will show you how the procedure was done in each tooth.

They filled the tooth to prepare the outside surfaces of the tooth and to provide enough room for the crown. They reshape and make a temporary crown for it while the crown is being made. I was advised to go back after six weeks for crown fitting when the two teeth are already cure.

Again, I will mention this, "take good care of your teeth before it's too late", since this is so painful process not only to you but also to your pocket.

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i think it is more painful in the pocket than physically. i know how it feels. just had that last year.

Thanks for this info, Ness. I know I need that, too, soon, I hope... :)

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