Early Saturday Appointment  

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Early this morning, we woke up around 6:30 am for our 7:30 am appointment at MIDAS for my car’s oil change and tire rotation as part of the maintenance. It is important that you have your car’s oil changed in accordance with your owner’s manual. For my husband’s car it is every 3,000 miles while mine is for every 5,000 miles. With regard to tire rotation it also depends on what your owner’s manual instructions. This year we had it done twice with my car. When we arrived in the place there are already four people on the list, so we decided to go to the nearest fast food place across the street. Guess what, we are the only customers eating there during that time. Pretty unusual, huh? Where are all the people, still sleeping? My husband and I stayed there for almost 2 hours and we had a good chat.

I took a photo of the place just for fun of how empty it was. Guess what place this is? ;)

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