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Last December 2008 I sent a package to my family in the Philippines and finally, after almost two months of waiting, they received it. I expected that it would be delivered to them in less than 15 days after I sent it since it is a FLAT RATE package and I paid so much for such a little box. Maybe the constant follow-ups in the post office here helped since we called them after a month and told them personally that my family in the Philippines had still not received it.

I was just shocked when my sister texted me and told me that the Post Office in CDO, Philippines is charging her P2,000.00 (about $50) for the release of the package. I never expected this since my friend Dezz is always sending packages to her family in General Santos, Philippines and she said that the Post Office there didn’t charge them any amount before releasing the package.

I hope this is not another case of corruption from government offices in the Philippines. I am just so upset, can you imagine both the sender and the receiver of the package having to pay for a very small package? Maybe next time I will look for another courier that will not charge them an extra cost.

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Sis, when you sent me an offline message. I couldn't believe it.
My God! How come they charge the sender to received it? I know there's no difference in CDO and Gensan to send a FLAT RATE box from our place. I could tell, there is something fishy in CDO post office sis..
Since I arrived here in 2006 I started to send FLAT RATE almost every month, and my parents in Polomolok never paid any peso from it. In fact nga, I just C/0 to the store in Gensan where I use to lived for several years kasi if sa POLOMOLOK post office I don't trust them. So, after 2 weeks except for holidays, received tlaga nila ang package. Kinuha nga lang ng PAPA ko sa store eh kas they just sent him text na may hinatid na package from Post Office Gensan.
I can't believe sis what you had experienced in sending FLAT RATE BOX.
If the receiver will pay such amount, there's no way I continue sending FLAT RATE sis, pero Honest to GOD sis, since then, they never paid any PESO.. Grabe naman ng post office sa place nyo sobrang corruption. Alam muna satin sis grabe ang mga gov officials all they think is money money.. minsan mainis lang talaga ako while watching TFC kasi grabe sobrang corruption talaga satin sis, pati na sa mahabang HUkuman natin eh may bribery ang mga cases, kaya kahit na guilty eh acquitted nalang ung mga may kasalanan kasi binabayran ang mga officials hayss grabe!

Such a terrible experience, sorry to hear this hope dili naka matagam mgsend ug anything to ur family sa pinas-:)


I never experience that kind of charge before. That kind of charge was ridiculous. For all i know, there is an automatic charge when you are sending a package. So there is no reason for the another set of charge. Any way it it also based on the transaction that you deal with. Thanks for sharing.


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