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If you are a web developer with an in-depth knowledge of XML, this is now your chance to be acknowledged from the crowd. International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is now hosting an XLM Contest. This contest is not just for IT professionals but also for students. The major objective of the XML Challenge is to search for the XML Superstar. In the IDUG contest website they have already posted the December and January winners and also the February entrants. To be eligible in the contest you must be 18 years old. For an IT Professional this contest is a chance for you to be identified from the mob. For an IT student this will greatly boost your resume and increase your chances to be hired in this tough economy.

The contest has different categories like from video, gadget, query, xml and ported application contests. You can even join all the categories to have a higher chance of winning. Each competition has a special prize for the chosen contestant. The one who will get the most points will be called the XML Grand Master.

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It is so easy to join the contest by simply visiting the site and entering your email address, name, and your xml status if you are a student or a professional to be registered.


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