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I read an important article from Prevention Magazine about the four fat-fighting super nutrients. You can easily find these in the supermarkets. These four are the following:

1. Calcium – some consider that it will lessen the fat-producing effects of steroid hormones called calcitriol. The University of Tennessee found that people who undergo a low-calorie diet containing three daily servings of calcium lost 70% more weight than those who just had one serving. Possible sources of calcium are Fat-free milk, low-fat dairy, broccoli, and white beans.

2. Vitamin D - this is used by our body to absorb calcium and at the same time can help fight diabetes. Good sources are salmon, mackerel, tuna, fortified whole grain cereals and swiss cheese (which is my husband's favorite).

3. Omega 3 - these healthy fats slow the rate of digestion, which make you feel fuller longer. Good food source are walnuts, tuna, tofu, enriched eggs, shrimp, and salmon.

4. Fiber - people who are on a high-fiber diet lost 2-4 lbs more than those who followed the lower fiber diet. Good sources are whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, pears, citrus, fruits, carrots, and beans.

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you are right. these four nutrients are very important for our health. i always have them everyday. especially now that i am also taking in my vitamins.

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