First Day of Spring  

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My husband and I both have our days off from Friday to Sunday. We set it up so that we can go together whenever and wherever we want during those days. Today as the Spring started we went out to visit his brother, we went to Ultra Diamond to have our wedding bands cleaned, and we also went to one of the restaurants in Hagerstown that offered all you can eat pizza or as they call it here “Pizza Buffet”. The Pizza Restaurant has a variety of pizza that you can choose from (extra cheese, pepperoni, Ham, Italian-style sausage, pineapple, mushrooms, and black olives as toppings). One of the pizzas that looked weird to me was their Spinach Alfredo since I had never seen a pizza like that one before but amazingly the taste was so good, they said that it is one of their specialties. Aside from their pizza, I also liked their salad and pasta. We ended the day with a BIG STOMACH..BURPP!

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we are so happy that winter is over but what is this cold morning still? today we woke up at 29 degrees!!!


Hi Sis,

Yes that's true..It is already Spring Season but the temperature is still like winter...whew!!! :(

They have a similar restaurant here where I live. I just took my nephew to it this past weekend. I had never even seen some of the types of pizza. There was a bunch with a pesto sauce (white sauce) instead of tomato that I didn't get brave enough to try and believe it or not a macaroni and cheese pizza. Weird. I don't know about where you went, but at mine they sell you the buffet cheap because there's a game room attached for the kids, where they can win tickets and buy cheap toys, and that's where they get you money-wise. It's still fun though.

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