How to Attain Progressive Governance  

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I am currently taking the last two classes towards my MSIS Degree. These two classes are Project Management and Managing Organization Change. Last week in my Managing Organization Change class we discussed Progressive Governance when one of my classmates asked the question of how to be a progressive organization. In my own point of view, in order to achieve this one of the main goals of the organization is to be a great workplace that balances the needs of the organization while identifying the needs of individual employees, and it is also equally important to demonstrate integrity, respect, equality, pride and unity. Actions that could help would be ongoing development of employment policy, team work and task groups, support and supervision, and staff development.

The tangible procedure to attain progressive governance lies in the structure of the organization, which will allow room for expansion in an innovative approach in the governance process. Organization governance cannot be understood if we will not recognize the composite environments that they function within and the level of permeability among the frontier of those environments.

The class discussion was entertaining in that there were many opinions and personal ideas that were raised and the learning was so comprehensive.


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