My MagNext Virtual Quest  

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I found another online game that is very suitable for kids and even for young adults, this is the MagNext virtual. I remember my aunt bought her 7 year old son a Magnext iCoaster last Christmas. With this MagNext Virtual game for sure her son will love it. This game is excellent for kids since it will build up their problem solving skills, challenge their thoughts, and their cognitive intelligence. Your kids will be safe online since all the messages are already built-in.

I even created my own account and its fun that you can connect to the group of players’ online, play with them and meet new friends at the same time. The game was so engaging. What I like in this game is that there is no need for me to download any software into my laptop. I simply set up my account in the MagNext’s website and right away I started playing the game. In the game you are the ball that can roll and enter in different rooms. Just make sure that you enter the right hole. I tried the magnext arena, and tried the Spheron online game and I had fun playing it. The game was so entertaining that I did not even notice the time pass.

Try signing-up in MagNext website and I am 100% sure that you will recommend it to your kids if you have one or you will even enjoy it yourself as much as I did!


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thank for the info, will check it out, by the way, my firt time here, if you dont mind, can i be back again?

take care now and have a good weekend

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