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You may have already heard about Online Defamation. As a blogger we must be careful what we write in our blog and we need to be careful that it’s not fallaciously and negatively revealing on a person’s reputation. If you read in 2006 about the news that a woman from Florida was awarded $11.3M by the Jury over a defamatory internet posting by another woman from Louisiana who posted messages on the internet blog charging her of being a fraud, con artist, and a crook. The link for the story was posted by Ben Behrouzi in his blog entitled “Ben Behrouzi & The Most Fashionable Rumors Online”.

It is not good that we will utilize blogospheres as a mean to torment others. Maybe not only me but you too noticed that there are some sites that the main purpose is just to write false information about others. I remember one time in Fox News that Bill O'reilly in The O’reilly Factor invited one writer on his show to talk about the writer’s false accusation that he is a racist. He directly told the writer to stop writing false charges about him.

If you will try to search online you will find lots of cases about Online Defamation and the punitive damages are large amounts of money. So be careful fellow bloggers to what you write and make sure that it is true and you have a basis for it.


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