Stunning How Dolphin Blow Bubbles  

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Two weeks ago, Fox News featured one of the astonishing behaviors of dolphins at Sea World in Orlando Florida and this was also featured in World News with Charles Gibson. I was surprised while watching the video on how a dolphin bubbles to create rings. The video shows how intelligent dolphins are. It is so amusing how they learned this skill, and passed the technique (blowing bubbles out of their blow holes) to their peers. The dolphins play with the bubbles, they can make a smaller ring or a bigger one, and it’s funny that they can even sometimes pop it. Check out the video to see the wonder right in front of your own eyes how fascinating they are.

There are lots of amazing things that animals can do. For example, pigeons can fly thousands of miles to locate the same roosting spot with no navigation difficulties. Another example is the parrots that can snatch ideas like "same" and "different", "bigger" and "smaller”. Crocodiles can swallow large stones and let it reside permanently in their bellies to help them for swimming. Dolphins are known for making an array of very high-pitched squeals, whistles, and whines to communicate with each other, making bubbles is maybe another way for them to commune with their peers.


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