We are Hit again by Winter Storm  

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Based on the forecast there will be a winter storm this Monday (March 02). Here in Maryland, late last night the snow shower had already started and when we woke up around 6am the snow was already 3 inches thick. My husband called his work to check if he has work or not, but unfortunately they are only given a 2 hour delay and when I checked mine I also have work. But most of the schools and universities were closed except some schools in the DC area. Lucky me since my work started at 1pm and by that time the ice had already started to melt and the road was already cleaned. By this time I had no problem pulling my car out from the garage unlike what happened last time. If you can still remember on my previous post when we had a winter storm last month I had a hard time pulling the car out and got stuck in the middle of the drive way.

Early morning, I let our dog Tigger out from the house to pee and poo. As you can see he enjoyed playing in the snow. He just look at me (isn't he cute?) when I tried to call him to get in the house since it so cold outside.

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hello. done adding you in my blogroll.

true. it's so snowy these days. sweden's not an exception. it's supposed to be spring already and yet, snow keeps on falling. it's too cold outside. brrr...

cute dog by the way and lucky you that your work starts at 1pm.

by the way, if you want we can also follow each other's blogs.

thanks again!

Sis, I remembered that time I was scared hahaha.. I drove in the snow waaaaaaaa..

good thing it was not so thick ano?

hmmm.. just dropping by here to say HELLO and have a good one.


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