47 Year Old Woman with an Angelic Voice  

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I could not stopped but post it here. I saw this one in American Idol and currently this video had a 16M views in YouTube. I had a goose bump while I listened to her voice. For sure most of the studio audience on that event learned the lesson of the common saying that “Don’t judge the Book by it’s Cover” and for sure Simon too! You can see from the video how he reacted while the woman introduced herself..hehehe! And how it transformed when Susan Boyle (the contestant) started to sing, you can see how Simon changes his gestures, he even looks so in love while he listened to Susan. I attached below the video from yahoo when they interviewed her. You can also try this link from YouTube to view how she sings and how she had been applauded by the crowd in the American Idol Studio. Enjoy!

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Wow all I can say! Thanks for sharing.
Anna :)

Hi ness, thanks for the visit, and thanks for telling me, i had no idea how did it change your link to mommyko. Oh Im sorry friend, i think it missed up when I minimize the size. Thanks a lot for telling me.

She is something fantastic, isn't she? It's so refreshing to see a story like that.

She has an awesome voice!

she was definently a surprise lol! i cant believe she has worldwide coverage for it! good for her though

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