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My mother and younger sister are in the Health/Medical field. My mother has been employed at a Rural Health Center for more than 25 years and now my sister is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Hopefully she will be graduating in 2010. I was still in the Philippines when she was a Freshman and Sofmore. Both of us love to read Health books and magazines especially about nutrition and prevention. I found online a good site that talks about health that my sister also likes to read in her free time. The name of the site is Scrubs the "nurse’s guide to good living”. What is good in their site is that they not only talk about health, beauty tips, and fashion but she can also find nursing career advice and inspiring stories that she can use and apply in her future job search. As a nursing student she also gets valuable information and advice from the site from those people that have already been there. The site was very useful to her.

Just a thought, this morning I sent my sister an email and attached a scrubby award that I printed in PDF. You can also create your own Scrubby Awards and send it to the wonderful nurse in your life. It is pretty cool since you can also print it straight to your printer.

I found also a nursing poll in their site that may interest you where you can vote for what fictional portrayal of a nurse you may want. I chose Carla Espinoza (Scrubs) and it’s interesting that it only got 17% compared with Carol Hathaway (ER) that got the highest which is 30%. Maybe the percentage is that low because of the notion of the “scrubs” word as new and inexperienced.


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