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I learned from experience not to open links that you do not recognize the email address when I received my first phishing email in my yahoo account. The email said that “I need to update my paypal account information as part of their long-term obligation to protect my account” and they will give you a site where you need to click. Be aware of this type of email since this is a spam and not really from paypal. The spammer might be able to steal your cash and identity if you will click the site that the spammer provided, so be very careful in dealing with this type of transaction. Not just this, I also received an email telling me that I won the lottery! As good as it sounded, without so much thought, I opened the email and clicked the link that they supplied to find out if I am really a millionaire. Right away, my laptop stopped working, and with each successive restart it crashed again. I learned from then on not to click on such links.

It is nice to know that this privacy problem in emails already has a solution. With the advancement of you can create your own email account in their site for free and still benefit from their secure messages feature. I just registered a free account. You can also Get your Free Private Email now at and enjoy the security and privacy that they provide.


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hello ness! how are you doing? just want to let you know that your badge is now up and running and will be on my blog for 10 days.

you can again reserve a spot as the schedules are now up for grabs. as usual, first come first serve basis parin.

have a great day, Ness! mwah

we really need to be careful. its better to login directly onto the site and not on links from emails.

i added you in my blogroll. hope you can add me too. my sites:

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