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My husband and I both like pets, especially dogs. Two years ago he adopted a mixed Labrador and Retriever from a friend. It was just so sad that two of Tiggy’s (name of our dog) siblings died because they left them outside the house in the middle of the winter.

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Tiggy is a wonderful buddy and friend. He is so smart and sometimes gets so hyper (maybe because he is still a puppy). His breed is the perfect match for our daily life and household. I like how he gets so excited and runs around the house every time I get home from work. If he notices that I’m already dressed up and ready for work he usually goes to his box and waits there. We usually put him in the box if we are not home just to make sure that he will not mess up anything.

Sometimes unexpected things happen. We are afraid that he may accidentally get out from the fence and go missing. Sometimes I let him out unattended in the backyard if he wants to poo and pee, especially if I have something to do. With this we are thinking of enrolling him in Home Again Web Site, they are an expert in helping lost pets to find their way home.

There are many ways that we can help lost pets to be reunited with their original owners. By supporting a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals by shopping at their participating online store, the portion of the money you spend will help save pets. This is a non-for-profit animal charity that raises money for aiding animals in shelters across the country.


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Happy Mother's Day, Ness!
My husband and I love dogs, too. This is a great way to help them sheltered. :)

hello Ness!!!

i'm an animal lover... 100%

ay, i forgot to let you know that your badge's already up my blog as a featured blogger.

mmwah. miss being here!

belated happy mother's day!

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