Easy Way to Make Ur Own Blog Badge  

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It is so easy way to make your own blog badge, even a non IT Guru can follow this simple instruction to make one.

First you need to use Photobucket, if you don't have an account yet you can register here .

It is easier for me to do in Photobucket because it automatically generates an html code that you can embed in any website.

If you have already the account, select any photo you want that will best describe your blog then upload it to photobucket.

It is important and more desirable if the length and the width of you photo is equal (ex. 125 by 125) and in save in jpeg format. After you uploaded your photo in photobucket, click on the image and it will show like below. Copy and paste the code under “HTML Code”.

On my example above the HTML code that I had generated is same as below.

We will have a little editing here. The above text with yellow highlight, replace this with your own website address and the text highlighted with green, replace it with you website name. You can double click the image above if it too small for you to see.

After you already edit your html code, copy and paste it in the code below and replace the red text with the code that you just edit.

After you replace the "YOUR CODE HERE" with your html code. It will now be look like below. You can now copy and paste the entire code to your website for anyone who wants to grab it.

I hope that this simple instruction helps you to make your own badge. Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or if this one helps you.

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I've tried doing a badge for my blog sometime in the past, but I gave up trying because I simply could not get it done. I found the image that I like for my badge, but I can't seem to integrate my blog name into the image. Luckily, I found a friend who knows how to make one, and my blog's button is his own product. I would definitely love to make my own badge one of these days, one that captures the essence of my site.

I wanted to have my own badge, but I don't know how to do it. I only know how to write... (he-he-he)
Have a blessed Sunday.

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