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The internet is considered as one of our basic needs in the house. This is very useful to me. I use it to connect and communicate with my family and friends from the Philippines and even here in the US. I started my online class last year and having a fast internet connection is very beneficial since most of the time I need to communicate and collaborate with my instructors and classmates through web conferencing. I also need to access the iLab (online laboratory) that needs not just a high end laptop or PC but also and Ultra-Fast Internet Speed that will not cause pauses or jumping as I am doing my laboratory activities. Having a fast connection will ensure that I get a quality experience while working at home.

My husband and I also use the internet for research so aside from having a fast connection, a connection that has a fast response to internet security and to new virus threats and detection is a big plus.

I found out that all of these capabilities are offered by Charter with an Ultra-powerful internet connection with a speed up to 60Mbps. Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the U.S.

Visit them at Ultra60 Information Page to take advantage their special offer. You can also twit them at Charter’s Twitter Feed and get more information about them.


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thanks for visiting my blog.. hope to see you again

60mbps? wow. mine sucks as hell. 384KBPS. damn it.

hehe. btw, can you add my link to wahmaholic.com? i added you there already. thanks so much!

Hello Ness, wala ko kabalo kng saon pra ma-member sa ila blogroll. Ang ako basi pinili nila na. Naa sd ubang opps nga d available sa akoa ky d daw ko member sa ila blogroll. G-try nko og "add as friends" mao ra man japon.

wow, i'm only have 1 mbps internet connection.. nice to meet you..

60 Mbps! Wow that's incredible. Thanks for sharing it. Fast internet adds such ease to browsing, and provides peace of mind.

Love your pretty blog template :)

Thanks for sharing useful info Ness. I don't know what I would do without internet, and the slow connection makes me nervous, lol. Anna :)

I recently switched to satellite internet connection because I was tired of the slow internet speed. I got Hughes Net satellite internet through Infodish (http://www.infodish.com/). Now, I can download things within a few seconds, and the connection is never slow for me. I love my satellite internet!

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