DC Metro Transit Train Collision  

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I read around 6pm from yahoo news about the collision of two metro transit trains in the DC area. The collision happened around 5pm during rush hour. I got worried and I immediately called my husband on his cellphone. He usually takes this metro from work. Thank God that he was safe and already on his way home when I called him. The crash took place on the system’s red line going to DC. This is the same line that he usually takes from Shady Grove, MD to Rockville, MD. Both trains were on the same track, no one knows yet what is really the cause of the crash.

I was on this Metro last year when my husband and I attended the US Independence Day (July 04) Celebration in Washington, DC. I can’t imagine how this accident happened and there are rumors that the other operator of the train didn't stop (one of the person that was killed) or is this due to a computer system malfunction? They said that this accident is the deadliest DC Metro Transit Train in history. About 70 people had been taken off from the train and sent to the hospital. According to Fox News, four people were reported dead as of 8pm from the crash.

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i was just reading about this few hours ago and accdg. to the lady driver of one of the trains, she applied her brakes but it did not stop. you can never be safe anywhere.

good afternoon sis. take care.

I have seen that on TV news, too. That is such a sad story. We would never really know what lies ahead of us. :(

it's truly sadness :(

only simpatic i can gives :)

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