How To Compile Photos Professionally  

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In my last month post, I talked about how to make your Own Blog Badge. Today, I will share with you how to combine your photos professionally. There is free software that I love to use in compiling multiple photos, this is the Photoscape 3.3. You can download it for free under CNET or

We assume that you already installed the photoscape software in your PC or Laptop. Now, we want to combine multiple pictures and put our blogname on copyright on the compiled photo.

This is the screen that will appear when you click the photoscape icon. Select the "page image".

Then, select what type of orientation you want. For example, we like the down_3_2_a. This orientation has 3 pictures above and 2 pictures below. The figure below shows how it looks like.

Oon the leftmost side of the screen, you can find all the folders in your PC. Locate the directory of the pictures that you want to combine. Simply click and drag to the black space the picture that you want to be included. Here is now the result of the compiled five photos. Then, click save button on the right topmost to save the compiled photos.

Next step, is to put the copyright or the name of our blog on this photo. To do, this simply click the topmost menu named “batch editor” then the same screen below will be shown to you.

Locate the compiled photos that you just created then drag and drop it in the middle of the window. To add your site name just click the "object tab" in the right most of the window and type the name of your site and adjust it by clicking the box where you want to put the text. In this photo sample I put it in the bottom right of the compiled pictures.

This is now the finished product. Just leave comments if you have any questions about this post. I hope this one helps you to make your compiled photo looks more professional and attractive to your readers.

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Thanks for sharing! i am Dl-ing now..hehe~

Good day!

I added your site to my EC drop list ->

Click on the “3 Stars and the Sun” icon and it will open other Filipino blogs including yours.

Have a nice day!

I tried to use yesterday~ it is quite a good software, can use for compile photo and do presentation~

Thanks for sharing~ smile smile~ ^_^

thanks for sharing
have a nice day

i've been using photoscape too. kaya ngayon organize narin a photos sa blog ko, i like it and it's free.

happy weekend ness.

this is great! thanks for sharing!


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