Bad Experience with my First Car  

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My first car was a Volkswagen, it was second hand and we had lots of problems with that car, one of the problems was the electric circuits. One time we went to an auto body repair shop when someone crushed the back window (we still don’t know who did it even though the police took prints). That incident was very devastating and distressful. Imagine that the back windshield shattered to pieces when my husband closed the driver’s door after he opened it. What if someone was sitting in the back? All the broken glasswould be all over him/her. It is a good thing that no one was in there. That car brought a lot of headaches to us. But on the positive side, through that car, I learned how to drive and got my license, that car was easy to maneuver because it was small.

Due to the problems with that car that we keep dealing with twe decided to sell it after six months. Exactly three months after I acquired my driver’s license.

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