Heavy Rain with Crystal Ice  

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Yesterday afternoon I witnessed for the first time a heavy rain mixed with small ice crystals. My husband told me that it was hail and that it rarely happens here. He said that once when he was still in his college days they had hail and the ice was as big as golf balls and it damaged his parents’ house. I never believed him before and I thought that he was just making stories. How could it happen if the temperature is so warm? It is just so weird, I would not be surprised if this happened during winter, but during the summer is it also possible? This question was answered for me yesterday when I saw it with my own eyes. My husband told me: “Welcome to the US!”

My question is why does it take place during the warmest season of the year? How does it happen? I searched online to find an answer to my question about why this happens: the explanation is that thunderstorms sometimes drop balls of ice known as hail in addition to rain. I remembered yesterday we had a thunderstorm also. So, hail forms when strong currents of mounting air, known as updrafts, carry water droplets high enough in a thunderstorm for the water droplets to freeze. Would you believe that an ice weighing more than a pound has been recorded? For sure this will cause an extensive damage to crops, houses, and vehicles. I just found out that hail is mostly a spring and summer phenomena because the strong thunderstorms (needed to produce hail) are much more common during warm weather.

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