How to Change your Boring RSS Icon To a Chic One  

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Did u find your RSS icon boring? Today I will teach you the easy way how to change your image into a more attractive one?

You can find lots of websites where you can download free RSS feed image and here are some of my favorite sites: 1. Creative Nerds 2.

You also need to have a photobucket account. If you don’t have one, just visit this site ( and register to have your own account. This site is so useful to me. I usually use this site when I have an image that needs to be resized or if I need to generate code.

After you select which RSS you want from the list. Download and unzip the file. If you using an XP operating system this would not be a problem since you can unzip the file by just double clicking it. Otherwise, you need a rar software. You can download it in this site:

Assuming that you already unzipped the file, locate the rss-feed folder then select what image size (128, 256, or 64) you like. Usually they organize the size by folder.

I usually use photobucket to get the image code that I need to feed in to my blog. You can refer to my older topic site
Easy way to make ur own blog badge to learn how to upload the picture and get image code from your photobucket account.

The next thing to do is to locate the image that you just unzipped then upload it to your photobucket account. After you already uploaded it, you need to find your RSS code from your html blog, this is look like this :

Replace the text that is highlighted by yellow with the ”img scr” code that you generated after you uploaded the RSS icon from your PC to Photobucket. Then that’s it, you already done changing your rss feed icon. Make sure that you save it.

If you have any question with this topic, feel free to leave your comment. I will be happy to help you.

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