No Cool Air from Car AirConditioning  

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I remember last summer when my ac compressor broke. You can’t imagine driving without AC while the temperature is more than 100F. Even though I just took a bath before leaving the house, I felt so stinky and messy and sweaty when I arrived at work.

I found out last year while reading about car A/C that when you turn on the A/C, you are burning extra gasoline. So basically the air conditioning systems function on the principles of evaporation and condensation. I remember my physics class in high school taught me that the same basic principles were applied to this. If no cool air is coming out from you’re A/C system it may loose the drive belt, there maybe a blown fuse, or there are some leaking components in the A/C lines, hoses, or seals. I hope that these basic troubleshooting tips help.

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