Salmon Croquettes for Dinner  

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Before I will share with you the new recipe, let me first share with you the very famous saying "Man does not live on bread alone". For me to lead a fulfilled life, you need to heighten your senses and feelings through humility and awareness.

This evening I cooked A Humble Salmon Corquettes for our dinner. These are what I had: 2 pounds of thawed salmon, 1 cup of mashed potatoes, 3 eggs, 1 small diced onion, salt to taste, and salted matzo meal. Make sure that your Salmon is dry. Then place the potatoes, eggs, onion, and salt with the salmon. Add the matzo meal to thicken enough for patties. Make patties, roll in matzo meal, and deep fry until brown and crisp. Enjoy the meal!

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