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Yesterday the University conducted a virtual job fair. I had attended a job career fair before but never tried an online one. The school designed a 3D like interface to make it more inviting to the user. The event started around 1 pm and lasted until 9 pm. It was fun and there were lots of companies that participated in the event. This is what the main window looks like. You can click on auditorium, exhibit hall, resource center, and lounge. You can upload your resume and send it to the vacant position that fits your qualification. You could also search all the Jobs that were posted.

If you want to look at all of the companies who participated, you can find them at the “Exhibit Hall”. Here, you can access booths and the list of the companies who participated. You can chat with and ask questions to the company representatives in the booths. You can also stay in the Lounge area and network with peers and chat with them. My overall experience with the virtual career fair was fun. This is so helpful for those alumni or graduating students who work full-time. With this tool they have the chance to connect online. It is also cost-effective and so convenient.

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