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Last week we just finished with the SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services 2005) topic. This coming week we will tackling MDX(Multidimensional Expression), this is like SQL language that we will use to query SSAS cubes. SSAS is pretty interesting. On the first day we started to develop a snowflake dimensional model for a book company (this is pretty similar to the ERD (Entity-Relational Diagram) Model that I used in OLTP applications. Dimensional Model is the type of data modeling used by OLAP(Online Transactional Processing). Mainly the difference between OLTP and OLAP is that OLTP engines are optimized to store and retrieve data, rather than perform calculations using the data. That’s why OLTP queries run much slower compared with OLAP queries. Mainly OLAP uses aggregations rather than index in optimizing query performance. SSAS is the OLAP store and the core tool for implementing data warehousing, used to build multi-dimensional cubes.

I still remember my thesis way back when I was in IIT, I also used data warehousing, that time I developed a knowledge-based decision support system for acute febrile infection disease. I thought of applying what I learned from SSAS and SSIS to this project.

The time goes so fast, tomorrow is already my 5th week of the training and I need to study and prepare to take the Microsoft Business Intelligence Certification soon before the training is done. This is part of the contract requirement aside from the 90% grade in both tests and projects within the training. I am crossing my fingers that I will pass all the requirements. It's just pretty tough since, aside from the 9am-5pm Mon to Fri Training, I am also currently working 20 hours per week (just take a wild guess where I insert those 20 hours of my time :D ).

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