Using SSIS for ETL Problems  

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Four weeks ago, I started the Business Intelligence Training that will last for 10 weeks. For the first week we discussed all about the advance topic of database, T-SQL command and dimensional modeling. At least I already have a background in SQL (even though it was PL/SQL, the logic is still the same) so it’s not really hard for me to grasp all the information. In the second week, we started the discussion about SSIS, I found it hard at first since I’m really new to this topic and I never tried the ETL process before. So we discussed all the functionalities of SSIS in one week and had a series of laboratory exercises. On the third week, they gave us 5 days to develop nine packages that we used the SSIS. So for a novice like me at first it is really pretty hard. But as the days past on I started to love and appreciate what I’m doing and started to understand how it works. I never thought that I will finish eight packages in 3 days. The first day of the project week was the hardest part. I included some of the screen shots of the project that I developed in SSIS two weeks ago. This week we discuss about Analysis Services wherein we develop an OLAP cube in SSAS and we also discussed how SSIS meets SSAS.

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