Finale of the BI Training  

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Last September 15-September 18 was the final and our final project week for the Business Intelligence (BI) Training. The main purpose of our final project was to demonstrate our skills and provide real world deliverables. The only deliverables that they gave were the final reports. The design and implementation was left entirely for us. The first thing that we did was to determine what information was required for the deliverables. After we determined what information was needed, we designed a dimensional database in MS Visio out from the relational database that the company currently had. Using SSIS, an ETL package was created to extract the information from the two production databases, transform the data into a more usable format and load the data into the staging database that we created from MS Visio. We used SSAS to create the OLAP Cube, the calculated members and the KPIs that were used in the report. We used SSRS, PPS, and Excel to create the required reports. All of the reports were then deployed to the SharePoint site that we created. I took some of the screen shots of the report that I created and deployed in SharePoint.

What I learned in this Final Project was that it is very important that you clearly understand what deliverables really are since the initial design will determine the overall success of the project. It is also equally important that you understand the layout and the data within the production database, the requirements of the staging database from the deliverables analysis created, what is the best handled during the ETL process, and what is best handled within the cube.

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