Proper Way of Shaving your Legs  

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Have you ever experienced red spots or red bumps on your legs after shaving? I usually experience this one, maybe my skin is just so sensitive. Most dermatologists say that there are many possible reasons for red bumps after shaving. This might due to inflammation, irritation, or trauma to the hair follicles. One of the recommendations is to shave with a sharp razor and use a high-quality shaving gel or cream. I also use Feminine Products after shaving. This product soothes, lessens ingrown hairs, and reduces irritation.

I also read one article that we will not shave if we have goose bumps since they are easy to cut and don’t shave also when your skin is dry. You need to wet your skin first and let the water moisture soften your skin.

When shaving my legs, I try not to rush and I shave it with the grain of the hairs and not against it. I usually begin shaving from my ankles and then work upwards.

I also prefer using a single blade with lubricant strips on it than a double or triple blade razor. It is also good that before shaving you will exfoliate to ensure that the dead skin cells will not clog your razor.

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uww i never even thought about catching the goosebumps. freaky!

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