Tired of Using Your Credit Card  

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Excessive and accruing significant amounts of credit card balance isn't always easy to resolve. Over time, this difficulty can become a habit and will surely affect your finances.

You might hear that there are some people that freeze their credit card in order to stop them from spending.

So, if you are a budget conscious, you might consider having a prepaid visa mastercard. This way you can have a spending limit and you can shop wisely. This card is same as credit card that with master or mastercard logo. The difference is that you need to load money onto it and use those funds to buy and get cash. What good thing in this one is that you are not borrowing money from bank. I find this one safer that having cash, efficient since no interest charge and convenient since you can pay everywhere as long as visa or master card are accepted. The easiest way for me and it might also be applicable to you, is to have a direct deposit part of my paycheck to my prepaid visa card.

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