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I got a message this morning from a friend in Facebook.com. I just join the site and never tested yet if this is really true. He said that we can earn money for doing something we enjoy and will pay us every time we do stuff in the internet.

This is the message that I got from him.

"So what does PeopleString.com actually offer you? We all know that the biggest and most popular sites (Google, Yahoo, FB, etc..) earn lots of money because we usually visit their site.

PeopleString.com will give you the money that is due for helping them become bigger and more popular. You actually get 70% of peoplestring’s earnings.

This is how it works. If you join PeopleString.com, you get paid WHEN YOU, OR ANY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM does any of the following:

1) Search the Internet
2) Send or receive Email
3) Write a blog post
4) Socialize or promote any existing online business in Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc.
5) Receive and read mail, which you get anyway
6) Read the News
7) Search for directions
8) Refer or recruit your friends
9) Shop Online
10) Click on the ads in People String

If you already a member of the PeopleString.com, you will have your own homepage in their site (like facebook or other social networking site). Every time you do those things that are mentioned above, you will get paid. In short, you will make their site like google or facebook. You can use their site when you search the net, surf, or when you log-in and click a link from Facebook, that's the way they will pay you.


If you can invite 10 people who will become your downlines, and they also recruit 10 downlines each of their own, it is easy for you to make $3000/month. How do you get the money? They can mail you a U.S. check to your home address or through your paypal account.

It’s FREE to be a member. If you want to join, just click this PeopleString.com and register:

If this is true, at least $3,000 a month as what they are claiming..would be a good ad-on to our savings...:D

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