Foods that have a Slim-down Effect  

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My husband sent me an article that is very interesting that I think is also worth sharing. It is about the five foods that you should never ditch when you are in diet. This article was written by Liz Vaccariello. These five foods are the bread, pasta, potatoes, cheese, and dark chocolate.

The slim-down outcome of bread is that it contains carbohydrates, which boost brain chemicals that curb overeating. Whole grains bread are the healthiest.

The slim-down outcome of pasta is that it has a high fluid content and this will make you satisfied longer. Same thing with bread whole grain pasta is the most filling.

The slim-down effect of Potatoes is that it is a fiber form resistant start that will burn fat. An advisable serving is about a size of a fist.

The slim-down effect of cheese is that it is a good source of calcium, which burns calories and fat. Light varieties are preferable because it contains half of the calories compared with the regular one.

The slim-down effect of dark chocolate is that it gratifies a common craving to prevent bingeing. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate.

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